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July 12, 2010 at 2:35 pm 3 comments

Would you like more parents to show up at your PTA meetings? Have you had success at your school in involving parents? Please share your questions and ideas here.


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  • 1. Molly  |  September 9, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Potluck suppers and having the PTA meeting right before the children perform a concert (thanks to our music teacher for help on this count). We also have a lot of families who like to come out on Saturdays to beautify and maintain the grounds.

  • 2. Barbara L. Rosenblum  |  September 15, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    The Durham Public Schools needs to support and fund parent programs for every single, solitary school. EVERY SCHOOL should have a research tested, professionally developed parent workshop available for parents. These workshops will teach them specific tools and tecniques to use with their children to enhance their education and their lives–at home at and school.

    Some schools DO have such programs, programs like Incredible Years, which operates in a few select elementary schools. This program is a Communities in Schools grant funded parent/child workshop. I would like to see the board of directors and DPS administrative staff take serious efforts to secure this type of program, again, for every school.

    These programs are especially needed at the middle and high school level. We have to remember that the FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH RATE IN OUR DISTRICT HOVERS AROUND 50%. That means that half of all the students in our schools come from families and households that are struggling to make ends meet. These families need support and they are not getting it. Again, HALF OF ALL THE STUDENTS IN DURHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS COME FROM HOUSEHOLDS THAT ARE STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY. And although dropout prevention needs to start at the elementary school level, we need to support the families who are most at risk of seeing their child struggle with staying in school–families who are low income and borderline income families.

    I challenge the Durham Public Schools to make a commitment to support and fund, or find funding for, a reasearch based parent/student workshop for every school. I challenge the Durham Public Schools to call the NC Department for Health and Human Services for help with this, to see what programs they have and offer for agencies and school districts.

  • 3. Bogere steven  |  January 31, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Dear sir/madam
    Project name (Rural parental involvement in child education programme)( RPICEP ) Non Profit
    I would like to humbly request to know if our project which is in africa uga nda, can be funded for its activities. The project is based in Nakaseke district which was too much affected by the bush war which brought to power our current government of 1980-1986.Our education system is poor especially in rural areas where the government does not put much emphasis.Most community children drop out of school in lower levels due to lack of support from their parents and scholastic materials and that is the reason why some of us come out with a project mentioned above so that we can raise proper future leaders and put poverty on the standstill.

    Most parents in Nakaseke communities are illiterate and dropped out of school in primary levels with less knowledge to encourage their children about educations’ benefits. This predicament is mainly caused by lack of parent encouragement and funds to access scholastic materials. Without adequate education, your children will enter life unprepared to deal with its complexities, such as comprehending a bank statement, a voting ballot, or a newspaper. Even a task as simple as reading this paragraph, which likely took the reader less than 30 seconds, would be impossible: They will remain a target of exploitation and injustice, and remain in the cycle of poverty.

    We believe that if we get the funds, it will be for organising community training workshops and providing scholastic materials in Nakaseke district.The workshops will base on giving out knowledge to community members/parents. Encourage the parents the idea of being involved in their children,s studies. We believe that 800 community members will begin the procedure of being involved in their children’s academic activities and 400 children will be able to receive scholastic materials make them productive adults that will make meaningful contributions to their families and society.

    I have all the proposal details in case you consider to give me a hand of assistance or you can also recommend me to possible funders to help our people

    Project name (Rural parental involvement in child education programme)( RPICEP)
    My name is Bogere Stephen Wananda
    From Uganda East Africa
    tel +256751749344


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