High school classroom ideas

If you have been involved with an innovative program designed at strengthening or enhancing the high school curriculum, please share it with us in the comments section!


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Middle school classroom ideas

Middle school often gets a bad rap. Have you worked on a successful project designed to strengthen or enhance the middle school experience? Do you have a question about how to institute such a project? Please post in the comments section!

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School grounds beautification

Does your school have a semi-annual grounds day? How did you get this started and how do you keep it going? What are other measures that your school has taken to ensure that its campus is inviting to visitors and educational for students?

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Volunteer opportunities

Has your school been successful at getting assistance or aid from companies or organizations in Durham? Please share your success stories! If you have an idea for a project, but don’t know how to go about soliciting aid, please post a question.

If you want to get involved at your child’s school, but don’t know how, check out DPS’s volunteer site at www.dpsnc.net/community/get-involved

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Eco friendly ideas

Are the children at your school excited about helping the environment?  Do you have an idea about how to turn this excitement into action?  Please share it so the rest of the DPS community might benefit!

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Community outreach

Has your school worked on a community outreach program?  Maybe you’ve organized a leaf-raking day for elderly people who live near your school, or maybe your PTA has organized a food drive.  If so, let us know about it!

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After school enrichment ideas

Did you get an after-school program started at your school?  Would you like to get one started?  Add a comment to find out how other schools have made this happen and to find out what other schools offer.

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